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Department of Vertebrate Zoology



Vertebrate Zoology - for the 1-year students (prof. L.P.Korzoun)

Special Vertebrate Zoology - elective course for the 2-year students studying zoology and botany (associate prof. S.V.Ogurtsov)

Morphological Organization of Vertebrates and Its Evolutionary Changes - for students of the Faculty of Fundamental Medicine (prof. L.P.Korzoun)

General Practice in Vertebrate Anatomy - (members of the Department)


Introduction to speciality (prof. L.P.Korzoun)

Biology and Systematics of Amphibians and Reptiles (prof. B.D.Vasiliev)

Biology and Systematics of Birds (prof. I.R.Beme)

Biology and Systematics of Mammals (associate prof. V.M.Malygin)

Comparative Anatomy of Vertebrates (prof. F.Ya.Dzerzhinsky)

Comparative Anatomy of Vertebrate Nervous System (prof. S.V.Saveliev)

Special Practice in Vertebrate Anatomy (prof. F.Ya.Dzerzhinsky)

Paleozoology (prof. A.K.Agadjanian)

Zoogeography (leading researcher V.V.Inanitskii)

Concepts of Ecology: History and the Present Times (prof. Ghilarov)

Organism and the Environment (leading researcher A.B.Kerimov)

Practice in Ecological Physiology of Animals (leading researcher A.B.Kerimov)

Population Ecology (leading researcher N.A.Formozov)

Individual Energetics and Population Demography (senior researcher Yu.E.Romanovskiy)

Molecular-Genetic Methods in Systematics and Ecology (senior researcher A.A.Bannikova)

Animal Behaviour (leading researcher E.P.Kruchenkova, senior researcher M.E.Goltsman)

Animal Communication (prof. I.R.Beme, leading researcher V.V.Inanitskii)

Bioacoustics of Highest Vertebrates (senior researcher I.A.Volodin)

Microtechniques (associate prof. N.V.Khmelevskaya)

Computer Methods in Biological Research (associate prof. S.V.Ogurtsov)

Practice in Computer Morphometry (prof. F.Ya.Dzerzhinsky)

Methods of Field Research (leading researcher V.S.Lobachov)

Data Analysis in Biological Research associate prof. S.V.Ogurtsov, junior researcher E.N.Rahimberdiev))

Selected Topics in Medical Zoology (senior researcher P.P.Dmitriev)

Animal Conservation (senior researcher  K.V.Avilova)

Seminar “Actual Problems of Vertebrate Zoology” - for the 4th year students (prof. I.R.Beme, associate prof. S.V.Ogurtsov)

Seminar “Actual Problems of Vertebrate Zoology” - for the 5th year students (leading researcher M.E.Goltsman, researcher O.A.Filatova)

History of Zoology (leading researcher V.S.Shishkin)


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