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Department of Vertebrate Zoology

Laboratory of Ecology of Terrestrial Vertebrates


professor Boris D.Vasiliev


Laboratory of Ecology deals with a vast variety of research topics: from Ecological Physiology to Organization of Multispecies Communities. Anthropogenic environmental transformations (including those in tropical forests of Vietnam) are also under the cope of the study. Almost all groups of Vertebrates are being investigated: amphibians, reptiles, birds and mammals.


1.Species Diversity of Amphibians and Reptiles in Original Tropical Forests and in Those Destroyed by the War in Vietnam

prof. B.D.Vasiliev, researcher A.B.Vasilieva

2. Resonance Characteristics of the Middle Ear of Amphibians in Accordance with Ecological Specialization

prof. B.D.Vasiliev

3. Role of Thyroid Hormones in the Formation of Skeleton and Dental System in Amphibian Ontogenesis. Influence of Hormones and Goytrogens on the Speed and Completeness of Metamorphosis

researcher A.B.Vasilieva

4. Population Genetics and Species Structure in Amphibians. Ecological, Taxonomic and Genetic Aspects of Tissue Proteins in Animal Evolution

assistant prof. K.I.Chernyshov

5. Space Utilization and Mechanisms of Orientation in Anuran Amphibians

associate prof.  S.V.Ogurtsov, researcher V.V.Shakhparonov

6. Chemical Communication of Rodents

researcher E.M.Litvinova

7. Role of Morpho-Physiological and Energetic Variability among Individuals in Maintaining Population Stability of Passerine Birds

leading researcher A.B.Kerimov, senior researcher T.A.Ilyina

8. Relationships Between “Major” and “Minor” Forms in a Ring Range of the Great Tit (Parus major) Superspecies

leading researcher A.B.Kerimov

9. Behavioural Ecology of the Wolf, Canis lupus

researcher E.M.Litvinova

(project coordinator - researcher J.A.Hernandez-Blanco, A.N.Severtsov Institute of Problems of Ecology and Evolution, RAS)

10. Ecology of the Widespread Mammals of the Steppe

senior researcher P.P.Dmitriev

11. Anthropogenic Transformations of Avifauna and Landscapes of Central Russia. Historico-Ecological Reconstruction of the Area

researcher V.I.Voronetskiy

12. Skeletal Morphology of Extremeties in Small Mammals in the Context of Their Phylogeny and Systematics. Locomotory specializations (such as swimming, rapid running, digging, gliding and flight) of Various Species and Systematic Groups

researcher S.V.Fomin

13. Structure of Multispecies Communities in Birds

leading researcher V.V.Ivanitskii, senior researcher I.M.Marova, researcher P.V.Kvartalnov

*Research *Tatyana A.Ilyina *Sergei V. Ogurtsov *Vladimir V. Shakhparonov

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