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Department of Vertebrate Zoology

Leaders of the Department

M.A.Menzbir -  member of the SU Academy of Sciences (1929), rector of the Moscow University (1917-1919), founder of Institute of Comparative Anatomy (1908 -1909), one of the founders and Head of Comparative Anatomy Department (1885-1912), founder of phylogenetic anatomy, modern bird systematics, ornithology, historical and regional zoogeography, faunogenesis theory.

P.P. Sushkin - member of the SU Academy of Sciences (1923), Academician-Secretary of Physico-Mathematical Section of the Academy (1927), graduate of the Department, one of the founders of phylogenetic anatomy in Russia, modern bird systematics, ornithology, historical and regional zoogeography, faunogenesis theory.

A.N.Severtzov - member of the SU Academy of Sciences (1920) and the Ukrain Academy of Sciences (1925), founder and Director of scientific Institute of Zoology of the Moscow University (1923-1930) and Institute of Animal Morphology of the SU Academy of Sciences (1935), Head of the Department and Institute of Comparative Anatomy, founder of animal evolutionary morphology, creator of phyloembriogenesis theory.

B.M.Zhitkov – professor, zoologist with a wide field of interests; in 1917 along with Comparative Anatomy Department organized and from 1917 till 1931 headed Department of Vertebrate Zoology. Founder of trade hunt school of zoology and of furs economy in Russia. One of the leading theoretician of mammal acclimatization and reacclimatization and of nature reservation. Organizer and permanent Head of Moscow Pogono-Losiny Ostrov Biological Station (famous “Losinka”), which for many years on became the most prominent scientific and practical base and school for several generations of Moscow University zoologists. Organizer of Central Scientific Trade Hunt Biological Laboratory, in 1956 reorganized to All-Union Scientific Institute of Hunt Economy and Animal Fur Breeding named in 1973 after B.M.Zhitkov.

B.S.Matvejev – professor, one of the most prominent Russian evolutionary morphologists, founder of ecological morphology, head of scientific school created by A.N.Severtzov and I.I.Schmalgausen. Headed the united Vertebrate Zoology and Comparative Anatomy Department from 1931 to 1951.

N.P.Naumov – professor, one of the founders and most prominent theoretician of modern population and medical economy, Dean of the Moscow University

Biological Faculty (1958-1970), creator of conceptions of  population systems hierarchy organization and spatial ethological structure, typology of colonies, statiae of survival and dispersion, parcellae complexes, biological signal fields and so on. One of the founders of the bionics school in the Department and in the country. Organizer and for many years scientific leader of Bionics Problems Laboratory in MSU. Head of the Chair from 1951 till 1982.

V.E.Sokolov – member of the SU Academy of Sciences, Academician-Secretary of Fundamental Biology Section of the Academy, Member of SU Academy of Sciences Presidium (1985-1998), Member of SU Academy of Agriculture, founder of biospheric reserves conception and organizer of their system, one of the founders of functional and ecological morphology, creator of mammal chemocommunication school, Director of the Institute of Animal Evolutionary Morphology and Ecology by A.N.Severtzov (AIEME) of SU AS(1967-1994). Headed the Department of Vertebate Morphology and Comparative Anatomy from 1982., and from 1985 till 1998 – also the Department of Vertebrae Zoology and Fundamental Ecology.

I.A.Shilov - member of RAS, one of the most prominent population ecology theoreticians in our country, one of the founders of ecological physiology and conception of “spacial-ethological organization” and functioning of vertebrate populational systems. At first the Head  of Vertebrate Zoology and Fundamental Ecology Department, later of Vertebrate Zoology Department (1998 – 2001).

L.P.Korzun – professor, one of the leading specialists in the field of functional and evolutionary morphology. The Head of the Department since 2001.


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