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Department of Vertebrate Zoology

A.N.Severtsov Lab of Evolutionary Morphology


professor Felix Ya. Dzerzhinsky


Laboratory of Evolutionary Morphology is one of the oldest labs of the Department. It is named after a famous Russian scientist Alexei N. Severtsov who is known by his studies in Evolutionary Biology, especially Morphology. The Lab is engaged in reading general and special courses on Vertebrate Zoology and Comparative Vertebrate Anatomy.


1. Functional Morphology of the Jaw Apparatus of Birds. Evolution of Trophic Adaptations

prof. F.Ya.Dzerzhinsky, prof. L.P.Korzoun, researcher K.B.Gerasimov, engineer T.I.Grincevichene

2. Functional Morphology of the Jaw Apparatus of Snakes. Trophic Adaptations

researcher A.Yu.Sokolov

3. Development of Locomotory Adaptations in Tetrapoda (especially in amphibians and reptiles)

laboratory assistant I.R.Goryav

4. Morphology and Function of Regenerated Extremities in Urodelous Amphibians

researcher A.Yu.Sokolov

5. Intraspecies Variability in Brain Morphology and Behaviour in Small Mammals

senior researcher V.A.Yaskin

6. Biological Basis of Material Damage from Rodents

leading engineer E.N.Zharikova, leading engineer L.L.Danilkina

7. Flight in Mammals: the origin, morpho-functional analysis and adaptations

prof. L.P.Korzoun, post-graduate student A.A.Panutina

8. Skull Morphology of Mesozoic Macrobaenid Turtles and Their Systematics

I category engineer V.N.Egorova


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