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Field Practice at the White Sea Biological Station

PhotoGallery “Field Practice at the White Sea”

The White Sea Biological Station is located on the very coast of Kandalaksha Bay of the White Sea. Thus it introduces good opporunities for studying coast dwelling birds and marine invertebrates as well as a variety of lichens and fungi. Bright landscapes of nothern rocky islands together with the existence of sea tides and white nights provide unforgettable memories. It’s also exciting to see Beluga Whales, the natives of the White Sea region. In addition excursions to old Pomors villages are organized.

During the 2 week practice (usually in June-July) the Moscow University offers several basic courses: Zoology of Invertebrates, Vertebrate Zoology, Mycology and Algology. Individual projects on a preferred theme are also provided. Labs, lecture halls and a computer class are available for study.

The Vertebrate Zoology course with Dr. Sergei V. Ogurtsov (assoc. prof. of the Department of Vertebrate Zoology) describes the biodiversity and the variety of ecological groups of vertebrates of the White Sea region through the methods of species recognition by songs, tracks, fecal pellets etc. Field excursions into the forest and along the coastline are organized. Some topics in animal behaviour are also discussed. One of the themes for an individual project in this field could be “Time Budgeting and Spatial Distribution Among Shorebirds in Relation to Tidal Change”. (You can look at the presentation of this project carried out by Jonathan Hecht, Jason Maurer and David Pomeranz in July, 2009.)

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